Nature's Heart

Nature's Heart

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

100 Things Cleaning Spree

I have been going through a bit of a cleaning frenzy at my, fixing and clearing out. In the past week I have:
Installed a real door sweep and got rid of the towel...

 Tinkered a bit to get the fan unit and light working above my stove...

Replaced the rubber feet grips with new rubber covers for my shoulder rest on my violin...

And I began to re-organize dresser drawers and closet space...

I also came across this really neat article that just further encouraged me to continue my cleaning streak but it took it a bit further...challenging me to fine 100 things to get rid of. I liked having more of a clear and defined goal with cleaning rather than getting rid of a few things here and there. Now I had a goal which pushed me to be more strict and intentional with how I was looking at things...and more importantly the WHY I was holding on to things.

So...could I find 100 things???

After all, I was already on a cleaning spree…I have so much and I don’t want to just keep accumulating THINGS! Experiences yes…memories, definitely…but going back to an earlier one of my posts…I want to be a better steward of the things that I already have!

So far I have gotten rid of (by giving items away, throwing things out, returning, selling or donating) the following:

Dress Me:
3 pairs of shoes
1 pair of VERRRYYYY worn flip-flops
1 green sweater
1 summer dress
4 shirts
1 gray blouse/tank top
1 purple zip up sweater – given away
1 white cardigan
1 old ARMY zip up/turned paint hoodie
1 sweat pants
1 blue AE cardigan
1 Pink square neck top/blouse
2 undergarments
2 v-neck t-shirts
1 blue striped shirt
1 prom dress
1 dress cape
2 pair of boots –tossed…they literally had holes in them…HOLES!! Why do we hang on to some of the things that we do?!?
1 butterfly necklace
1 child Taekwondo uniform and 6 belts
2 racing/swimsuits
1 broken goggle strap
3 exercize shirts

1 tube of old mascara
1 old practically fossilized bottle of lotion
1 old bottle of moisturizer that I couldn’t get anything left out of…yet it was still sitting on my shelf…why?
1 container of old bobby pins and clips

1 vinyl record
4+ books
2 DVDs
A stack of burned DVD’s and CD’s (I lost count with how many…but definitely more than 5 item)
2 CDs
4 playbills from operas and musicals

1 Large Tupperware salad bowl with lid and broken handle
5 Tupperware containers
1 Kindle cover
1 Travel mug
3 calendars
1 wine glass (still in the box)
1 ripped backpack
2 yellow pages books
1 very chocolate bar
1 old cleaning sponge
1 pair of needed to be retired cleaning gloves
Multiple cardboard boxes of various sizes
1 pair of garden sheers – broken
1 broken window blind
Recycling a bag full of …grocery bags
1 bottle scrubbing brush
6 day vitamin holder
1 Metal vegetable steamer
2 strawberry de-stemmers
2 jewelry boxes

1 old dried up glue stick
2 architecture rulers
2 bars of paint brush soap
A pile of old photos
1 roll of tulle
Old bubble wrap packaging material
Old art work assignments, drafts and work

Items borrowed and finally returned:
4 blankets
1 can of disinfectant
1 violin learning CD
1 IPhone case

I think that covers my "100 things" goal (that I remembered to write down) but the good news is I'm still going strong! I’m pretty sure that my house is happier to get rid of the weight and clutter of it all…I am also enjoying the emotional weight being lifted more and more with every piece that I get rid of.

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