Nature's Heart

Nature's Heart

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire

Welcome to Faire!
An unexpected surprise! My brother has been telling me for several years now, how much I should become a part of Faire...much to his delight I finally agreed to get involved in Faire this year rather than just attending as a patron. Honestly, I never saw myself becoming a member of any guild for Faire, but I finally agreed to become a part of the Kumpania Paramitsha when I was asked to sing some amazing music. Oh yes, the proverbial "carrot" of music was temptingly held over my head...and it worked. Note to self, if you ever want me to say "yes" to something just mention that music will be involved and you will likely get the answer that you were hoping for. 
Check out a quick clip of one of the songs that a friend captured. It's called: Mori Shej, Sabina

A beautiful sunrise around 6:00 AM the second weekend of faire.

Jane, getting ready for the day
"Dalia" as I liked to call her, trying to hydrate before the 90+ degree weather. We lucked out with amazing weather all three weekends!

One look of several, with my bodice and layers of skirting.
As ready as I will ever be for my first day of Faire!
A quick picture of some beautiful ladies!
Thank you Larry Bennett for capturing this shot! Click the following link if you would like to see more amazing pictures from Larry Bennett .
Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire is the first three weekends of August. Click the link for more information
Luminitsa must get upon the noble donkey during one of the stories told by Vidor who acted as narrator for the story of the Salt Mill.
The Kumpania Paramitsha (more commonly called Gypsies) are a collection of performs who delight in story telling...and riding camels!
Oh yes you heard right, there were camels!!!
I met so many amazing people, performers and friends including Rocco an amazing horse that "Sir Nigel of England" is sitting upon"ith" (in this picture), and both of which are members of the Cavallo Equestrian Arts, a group of amazing and diverse performers.
I can't believe how fast time went...and that it is already over. What an amazing time that I will treasure. Until next year!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rainier's Baseball surprise

Happy Birthday Dad!
 Totally surprised him when an amazing cake arrived and the crowd sang him "Happy Birthday" as his name flashed in lights on the score board for the whole stadium to see. Good job Toni on an amazing surprise!
 The Rhubarb mascot is so cute! I just want to squeeze him!
 The weather was beautiful, not a cloud in the sky and cooled down just enough for a...
Dance Off!
 Rhubarb totally danced circles around Harry the Husky!
But in the spirit of things, "Go Dawgs!!"
What a fun night!

Later that week, my dad and brother were absolute dearhearts and came over to help me replace my back patio roof!
 I had every intention of working on this but between the two of them, my job quickly became handing them roof panels, whenever they called out "panel" I decided to do some calking around my back door in between running to get them supplies.
I saw a lot of leg from the guys during this project! haha!
I am so blessed and thankful for all of their help. I can't begin to tell you how amazing it is to sit on my patio under the shade, enjoying the cross breeze with an iced beverage, all because of the help from these two amazing guys!