Nature's Heart

Nature's Heart

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bunny Trails

My beloved Puffers, how I miss you already! You have been such an amazing companion these last 15+ years. I couldn't ask for a better behaved bunny or a better and amazing friend. Rest In Peace and may you have all of the alfalfa, clover and carrots your little body can hold! I still can't believe that you are gone...I miss and love you so much...thank you for 15 special and loving years!

In honor of my beloved Puffers:
If you have ever had a rabbit I think you might love this movie. The rabbits are absolutely adorable!!!!

"Rating: G · Genre: Animation, Family · Run time: 1 hrs 34 min
Synopsis: It's 'vege-mania' in Wallace and Gromit's neighborhood, and our two enterprising chums are cashing in with their humane pest-control outfit, "Anti-Pesto." With only days to go before the annual Giant Vegetable Competition, business is booming, but Wallace & Gromit are finding out that running a "humane" pest control outfit has its drawbacks as their West Wallaby Street home fills to the brim with captive rabbits. Suddenly, a huge, mysterious, veg-ravaging "beast" begins attacking the town's sacred vegetable plots at night, and the competition hostess, Lady Tottington, commissions Anti-Pesto to catch it and save the day. Lying in wait, however, is Lady Tottington's snobby suitor, Victor Quartermaine, who'd rather shoot the beast and secure the position of local hero -- not to mention Lady Tottington's hand in marriage. With the fate of the competition in the balance, Lady Tottington is eventually forced to allow Victor to hunt down the vegetable chomping marauder. Little does she know that Victor's real intent could have dire consequences for her and our two heroes."
Did you know that rabbits are the third most popular pet/companion in Pierce County Washington?!? With that said they are also one of the third most abandoned or displaced (particularly around Easter) pets as well.

Have you ever considered a rabbit as a pet? Here are a few things/reasons to consider them!
  • Rabbits are very social, affectionate, lovable pets.
  • There are several different breeds that are available to best suit your situation and or personality
  • Rabbits can be very intelligent and trainable to do tricks!
  • Bunnies are entertaining and fun to watch.
  • Rabbits are clean.  They clean themselves top to bottom five times a day.
  • No barking.  No meowing.  Rabbits are very quiet!
  • Rabbits can get along with other pets such as dogs, cats, birds etc.  
  • Rabbits can be house/potty-trained as well as trained not to chew on furnature/carpet etc.
Fun Fact: Rabbits are also CREPUSCULAR, not nocturnal which means that they are most active during the day like you and are active when you would most like to play/interact with them!!)

You can search for rabbits and bunnies that are available for adoption or to foster at The Humaine Society.

Piglet Quote

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Weekend Weddings

It's that time!!! Summer weddings are in full bloom and as beautiful as ever! So the last several weekends have been filled with flower prep and delivery/set up! Here are a few snapshots of what I have been up to floral wise, while working with/for Art of Floral. I absolutely love to see the floral designs and ideas that come from this amazing and talented company.

Wedding 1:
A front entrance table arrangement
Aisle arrangements:

At the reception!

There were three variations for the reception tables.

"Let them have cake" !

 I love floral accents that we added...the end result? An adorable wedding cake.
Wedding 2:

We were asked to use nectarines in the floral arrangements.
Such a cute idea and floral accent!!!
 Beautiful table arrangements perfectly accented by crystal and glass cut vases.
Mini arrangements for the cocktail reception tables

Wedding 3:

The Bridal Bouquet
Check out more amazing work by: Art of Floral

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Red, White and Blue!

Belated "Happy 4th of July"!!! I have had an amazing summer so far! It has been FULL to say the you saw earlier I finished making adorable little lamb cupcakes for my friend's Noah's Ark themed baby shower...
The weather for the 4th of July couldn't have been more beautiful! The perfect amount sun so that it wasn't uncomfortable, a nice breeze and a day surrounded by good food and even better company! I decided to contribute to the feast by bringing a sweet treat appetizer.
Red, White and Blue Strawberries!
I decided to put toothpicks in each strawberry to keep the plastic wrap from messing up the white and blue frosting...
 All wrapped up and ready to go!
 This was the beautiful view to watch the fireworks!!!
 Ooooohhh Aaaahhhh! I don't know what was more beautiful, the fireworks or watching the moon come up over the horizon!

 Happy 4th!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baaaahhhby Shower

Wow! I can't believe we are already in the middle of July!!!! Belated "Happy 4th". The last two weeks (and weekends) have been packed full of work, and summer filled activities...a lot of which has required that I use some some of my creative skills! Yay!

Baby Shower:
My beautiful friend Katie is expecting a boy!!! I was lucky enough to be asked if I would provide cupcakes for the shower...the only guideline? "Making them Noah's Ark themed would be nice"... Let's get started!

Let's make some little sheep and lamb cupcakes!

You will need: Mini marshmallows, cake mix, muffin liners (dark brown), frosting (white, brown and black are needed), chocolate covered almond/caramel nuggets

Mix and bake your preferred cake mix in lined muffin sheets per the instructions (I used a basic Funfetti cake mix and followed the baking instructions for muffins). Once fully cooled, add frosting to the tops of the muffins and apply the mini muffins. I tried two methods...the 1st was to just randomly sprinkle the mallows on...but this resulted in a more flat appearance so I ended up placing each mallow individually to give the body a more puffed/ fluffy look. 

 Next, apply a little bit of frosting on the back of the chocolate nuggets and place on top of each muffin.
 Once the frosting has set for these begin applying the eyes, noses and ears with the appropriate colored frosting.
And there you have it! How c"ewe"t!!!
I initially came across this idea from Pinterest (of course) but here is the full link of instructions and you can adapt as needed: lamb cupcakes

 Oh, for the baby lambs I made some mini muffins with the left over batter and used chocolate frosting for the lamb head/faces! Spread some shredded lettuce on the table or plate to act as grass that the sheep are resting in! Could these be any more adorable?!?

  The dessert table! Yum!
Happy mommy-to-be!!! She loved everything!!!
Ah the sweet smell of confectioner's sugar success!!!