Nature's Heart

Nature's Heart

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Entering the "Art Zone"

Well, after Faire this year (which I haven't posted pictures of as of yet...and I'm still debating whether I want to or not), I have been traveling like crazy! It has been a year filled with wonderful trips and fun adventures, and somehow I have found time in the in-betweens to tap into what I call my "zone" artistically and squeeze in a few projects, and drawings that I thought I would share with you. Enjoy!

 Design/line work with pen and ink:
 Temporary body art/words of inspiration

Bun sketch

Upon returning to WA, this sketch was a result of the welcome I received.

Raindrops progressing:

 Colored pencil:

Where did my floor go?!? A common sight when I begin to scrapbook...often times my floor disappears under multiple layers of supplies.

Getting started on Ben's scrap book/birthday present!
Good times and good memories.

"You're One In A Minion", aka the birthday card I made for Ben! We both love the "Dispicable Me" films.
I'm So happy with how this card turned out!!! So cute!!! 
The after shot of my craft room upon completing Ben's scrapbook and b-day card.

 On one of my adventures while down in Louisiana I sketched a bit. This guy/sketched I titled: King P.