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Nature's Heart

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Perspective, Choices and Reactions

What do you see? I often hear people commenting on what kind of person they are, using this glass half full/half empty analogy but I have to say that often times I like to just focus on the fact that there is something in the glass…and to recognize that it is more important to ask one’s self…what will you do with what’s in the glass??? If you don't feel that there is anything in it that means that there is room to fill it…if it’s overflowing share it…and if it’s empty what better container than to collect more? Also when your container is empty what better opportunity to clean it!

I’m sure you have thought this as the weekend comes to a close, “I HAVE to go to work”...but what if we switched it up a little and look at the other side of the coin which would be, “I CHOOSE or GET to go to work”. What a powerful way of switching up the thought process into a more positive and truthful point of view.

I have been reading the book, “The Element” by Ken Robinson who encourages the reader to ask, not how intelligent are you?... But rather, how are you intelligent ? By a simple rearranging of a couple of words it brings a whole perspective to this question! What are your strengths? It is important to focus and remember what our strengths lie, especially when improving in other areas that make you feel as if you are on more shaky ground or those days that feel especially tough. This is a positive way of looking at things while allowing truth and thus a healthy perspective to shine and empower us.
I came across this quote by Charles R. Swindoll that says, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”  We hold the power of our thoughts and focus. We have control over so much when we really think about it...why so often do we allow ourselves to believe that it is the other way around? To be helpless or to decide that there is nothing that one can do to improve a situation in some way also a be passive, proactive, reactive these are all still choices that begin with ones thoughts. Where do you choose to let your focus and thoughts land?
(NIV) Matthew 6:35 states, “Therefore, do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
Today I felt that this scripture verse is really an examination of faith. To worry is often to fret about possible and often worst case scenarios that haven’t even happened yet! If we are worrying, this means that we are not trusting that God is in control of all including our well being. What do we choose? I don’t know about you but I would much rather adopt God’s (who is in control of all things) view of my life scenarios rather than the more lonely and often limited world’s perspective. It is important to keep ourselves in check...A good reminder to give God our concerns because He is the only one who can take care of our tomorrows. What an amazing relief! This gives us freedom and an ability to appreciate and live in our “now’s” much more fully...and it is also a much better use of our time and energy! Such a nice thought... again, our perception is such a powerful choice...and what an incredible opportunity it is to choose.
A real life example of this positive life outlook, occurred recently when I was sitting in my office and I overheard an amazing conversation develop between two clients in the lobby.
Working at a chemical dependency rehab center I am surrounded by many people who have “messed-up” and are looking to go through the various programs either willingly or court ordered and often begrudgingly.

These two younger gentlemen were waiting for group to start and going back and forth at how important it is to speak words of positivity and how when you, do it’s amazing how positive things begin to happen in your life. Their view of why they were here was also positive realizing that God put them here for a reason. A way of filtering out the bad (in many different forms in their lives such as drugs and also relationships). Rather than wallowing in how much they didn’t want to be here and were fighting the “system”…they were looking at these struggles as an opportunity to improve their lives and the lives of those they love as well. A starting point…

What a good reminder and dose of perspective that I needed right in that moment. It was convicting yet refreshing.

Our choice of words and thoughts are powerful!
What do you choose…mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually?
What words are you choosing to fill up on and proclaim for yourself and over your life?
Robinson also mentions that, "The way that we think can either imprison us or liberate us"...So I must ask myself daily and now ask you, what are you choosing to build with your thoughts, actions and reactions?

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