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Nature's Heart

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

30 for 30

It's hard to believe that I'm turning 30 this year...30!!! I suppose that this is hard to believe because I still feel as if I am in my early 20's...Perhaps this is partially due to my belief that one's spirit is ageless. So far though I am looking forward to it...I have been told that one's 30's are fabulous because with age, comes certain freedoms including that you stop caring nearly as much about what other people think and that you shed some need to fit in simultaneously embracing and accepting your true self and core values." I do know that this is a milestone that is quickly arriving...and I am wondering what I can do to symbolize this Right of Passage in my life.

What would you suggest I do, or what have you done to celebrate this milestone?

Well as a fun thing I thought I would tell you a little about me...30 things for turning 30...and if any of you know me you will also know how much of a lover and unintentional mental collector of random facts I am... so here are 30 about me! 

1. If it’s good coffee or tea I tend to be a purist
2. I have been mistaken for being a vegetarian numerous times…I just love my veggies but I will eat some meat.
3. I’m an excellent swimmer but have a hard time with BIG bodies of open water…
4. I have been called, “Ms. Holly” from multiple and unrelated people for my entire life…I don’t know why…apparently it must seem to “fit”
5. My 3 ideal dream jobs as a child were to be an ice skater, elephant trainer or cashier...needless to say I have achieved one of the three...I'm pretty sure you can guess which.
6. “Put Me In the Zoo” by Robert Lopshire is one of the first books that I remember reading in it's entirety as a child...Funny how long it felt at the time.
7. I’m an introvert at heart who makes a daily effort to not be ruled by these tendencies
8.I prefer small group hang outs 1-3 people…as opposed to meeting with a larger group of friends
9. I find the term, “Take a listen” rather annoying…it just sounds weird to me
10.Give me tomatoes or mustard over ketchup(…or is it katsup?) any day
11. I have more scrap book paper than I know what to do with…but I’m working on that! J
12. I was called “Cousin IT” and Harry and the Henderson as a child because I had a LOT of hair.
13. Notorious for leaving things too long in my freezer…It could easily be considered a non-edible time capsule
14. Don’t end a sentence with, “Just Kidding”…we all know you aren’t.
15. Knock on wood but so far I have only had one cavity
16. I would love to participate and finish an IRONMAN (especially Ironman Hawaii!)
17. I love a good or cute pun or adorable knock-knock joke (I loved this cute design and fruit pun from Ashy Designs...she has a few more that you should check out.)
18. I love a good, dark beer…funny that often times the wait staff try to give the guy the darker beer. Haha nope surprise!!! That one is for me!
19. I’m definitely a crier while watching movies…sad, happy, moving…yup let the tears flow!
20. I seem to receive more compliments on my hair when I haven’t washed it in a day or two (unbeknownst to them)
21. Just the thought of bunnies gives me warm fuzzies!!! (No I didn’t plan for that to rhyme!)
22. I am definitely on the leave it end of raw cookie dough
23. What Kryptonite is to Superman, Dark Chocolate is to my willpower.
24. I get some of my best reading time in while on the elliptical machine...multitasking at its finest right? 
25. Some of my favorite work mornings are when I realize that I don’t need to touch up my makeup from the day before! Ha!
26. I have hated cooked peas since birth and this dislike is still going strong
27. Give me a cute pixie over longer hair any day!!!
28. My scary age…103!!! At which time I have promised Ben I will sky dive…I figure by that time I won’t have nearly as much to lose. lol
29. WONDER WOMAN!!!! Enough said. J
30. I would choose hiking and camping over an expensive night out 99.5 % of the time!!!

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