Nature's Heart

Nature's Heart

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mt. Si

You can't do a hike without starting it off on the right note and with the "proper" of course I stopped off at the the House of Donuts of Lakewood and picked up a donut for everyone...I picked a blueberry glazed for myself....Mmmm delicious!!!
The perfect amount of glaze, not too dense not to airy and just enough fluff!

The House Of Donuts of Lakewood

The beautiful and breathtaking view at the top of Mt. Si, a 4 mile steady climb. Feel the burn!!!
I saw a few people running up or attempting to run the entire trail and I'm not going to lie, I totally wanted to race'em up even though I haven't trained at all for that...well you better believe that it made me want to run up Mt. Si for's going to stay tuned because you know I am going to have to time myself too.
My cousin who took this picture obviously didn't let us know that he was taking pictures. Lol gotta love a flattering/candid shot.
There we that is more of what I would call camera ready!
Hoorah Ladies!!!


Needless to say the next day I felt a bit like this:
I love when I push myself to the point of exhaustion! It's a love/hate relationship when I can barely get up from the couch or it takes me a while to get my sore muscles to start moving again and when my walking gait looks as if I have been riding in the saddle for a week...all you can do is laugh about it at that point. I always associate sore muscles with a job well done...

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