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Nature's Heart

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Forget Me Nots and Reviews

It has been almost a year since my beloved Puffers passed away and yes I am ashamed to admit that I put off creating a memorial space/plot that was worthy of his little memory... I was hoping to plant a purple lilac shrub as his little marker but 1. they are crazy expensive and 2. when I finally made it to the hardware store they no longer had them in stock.
I finally decided on Forget-Me-Nots...appropriate, delicate and petite...all which seemed to embrace Puffers' spirit...and the end result I think couldn't have been happier with. It all felt just right when I was finished.
I think it turned out so cute! I ended up putting chicken wire over the entire thing...for now at least as there are some feral cats that like to use parts of my yard as their litter box...I hear that sprinkling cayenne pepper deters felines...but I think I need to do more research as I am absolutely appalled at the idea of them doing that over Puffers' final resting place!
I bought a bunny coaster from a local (Gig Harbor) artist. How cute...I couldn't help but pick one up for my art studio...and I justified this $5.00 purchase as supporting local artists!

I managed to find time to read Don Miguel Ruiz's "The Four Agreements" in several days despite my busy schedule...I found it fascinating and the topics that it addresses I have and can apply to my life. There is always room for improvement.
The 4 agreements are:
Be Impeccable With Your Words
Don't Take Anything Personally
Don't Make Assumptions
Always Do Your Best

If you haven't read literature that touches base with these topics, you might find that this book challenges the personal views or possible illusions that we (can) surround ourselves with.

Because I enjoyed this Toltec wisdom that Ruiz Sr.'s book provided, it seemed like a natural choice to choose:

Unfortunately, I couldn't even finish this book. I didn't even get halfway through before returning it to the library (well before it's due date). I hate to say that it felt a bit stale? (and no I'm not talking about that library books aroma!). I used to be so stubborn in the mindset that I HAD to finish whatever book I picked up, even if it felt like torture. I am happy to say that I no longer have that mindset...I want to actually retain some of the information that I read...I hate it when you keep re-reading a sentence or paragraph with out even realizing it, or even more frustrating when you DO realize it but the information just isn't sinking in. Ruiz Jr.'s writing style didn't have that seamless flow that his father's had...perhaps the information felt more like a review for just wasn't hitting home for me like "The Four Agreements".  I don't want to simply "go through the motions" with anything in life let alone reading and how ironic would it be while trying to read about Toltec wisdom. Now, this isn't saying that I won't try to read this book again...maybe I will and maybe it will hit a sweeter note for me, but for now I am moving on.

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