Nature's Heart

Nature's Heart

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Serenity and Pear Spice Bread

I have been doing rather well so far this year with taking more time for myself. Particularly on the weekends, trying not to overbook myself or my self inflicted, "to do" list pressures.

So I had a weekend full of some of my favorite things...
Baking occurred as I tried my hand at a new recipe for pear spice bread (or cake as the recipe I used from titled it).I always love to put my own spin on things so I opted out of the cardamom, added cinnamon, and only used whole wheat flour. I will definitely add more pears and some applesauce the next time I make this. All in all, it was pretty tasty and filled my kitchen and home with a beautiful aroma.

I also found my sketch book again...had fun doodling and just letting myself fill some pages. 
I love pen and ink...and coffee never hurts either.

 Then I went through a cleaning spree and rediscovered what I thought was long lost...a friend of sorts... yes folks this is my original crayon collection...I'm surprised these crayons have survived multiple moves, and weather and especially that this tin is still in almost pristine back to 1991 when I purchased it on post at an Army PX in Germany.
 So I spent a bit of time reconnecting and playing with them and just remembering the joyful feeling of using these fun colors and transforming a blank page. I forgot how vibrant they are and I quickly remembered that very specific smell of crayons on paper...very distinct...amazing how powerful the sense of smell is in how it makes a lasting impression upon your memory and how easily and quickly it is able to transport you back in time... 

I want to be up in age some days,
Remaining and feeling young forever at heart.
I have to remind myself that patience is a virtue
        That time will come.
If I play my cards right,
I have firm inclinations that there are
Particular freedoms to be had and found,
With age increasing, certain insecurities
Can finally be put to rest and released.
        Freedoms found in being those
Many years with a head full
        Of silver and wisdom,
With no time or tolerance for fears to come.

Where do you find your serenity?

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