Nature's Heart

Nature's Heart

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

I know it's November but I can't help it! I am already in the mood for Christmas!!! I have fought the urge to put up all of my Christmas decorations ever since Halloween was over...Even on Halloween I met up with a friend that evening to work on Christmas tree ornaments!!!
Aren't they cute!!! We are going to meet up later to make more now that we know what we are doing!

It probably doesn't help that stores have been setting up for the Christmas season well before November and while normally this would annoy me, I actually find myself quite delited this season.

I am a do it yourself(er) and love to make gifts for people during the holidays. Here are a few new projects that I have my eye on to try!

Candy Cane Marshmellow Pops that can hang on the inside of the mug and let all of the candycane/chocolatey goodness slowly infuse your hot chocolate....Find the how to's here!

Jingle bells & candles as a centerpiece for Christmas. Hitting up the dollar store!

 Recipe for snowman cookies - ha
For the recipe check out melted snowmen cookies
 And this scrumptious recipe is one that I will likely try: Peppermint Popcorn Bark
Christmas Peppermint Popcorn (Pinner says: This stuff is like crack. I gave it as neighbor gifts and a few people even asked for more!)

I have also been looking at neat gift alternative ideas for's the deal...I already have everything I need and then this year I'm asking that if people want to get me something...I would rather that money be used to go towards someone who doesn't have as much as are a few of my favorites this year:

Operation Shoe Box: Samaritans Purse

Help Care for Unsponsored Children
Sponsor a Child with Compassion International
Happy Holidays!!! (And only 23 more days until Thanksgiving!!!)

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