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Nature's Heart

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baaaahhhby Shower

Wow! I can't believe we are already in the middle of July!!!! Belated "Happy 4th". The last two weeks (and weekends) have been packed full of work, and summer filled activities...a lot of which has required that I use some some of my creative skills! Yay!

Baby Shower:
My beautiful friend Katie is expecting a boy!!! I was lucky enough to be asked if I would provide cupcakes for the shower...the only guideline? "Making them Noah's Ark themed would be nice"... Let's get started!

Let's make some little sheep and lamb cupcakes!

You will need: Mini marshmallows, cake mix, muffin liners (dark brown), frosting (white, brown and black are needed), chocolate covered almond/caramel nuggets

Mix and bake your preferred cake mix in lined muffin sheets per the instructions (I used a basic Funfetti cake mix and followed the baking instructions for muffins). Once fully cooled, add frosting to the tops of the muffins and apply the mini muffins. I tried two methods...the 1st was to just randomly sprinkle the mallows on...but this resulted in a more flat appearance so I ended up placing each mallow individually to give the body a more puffed/ fluffy look. 

 Next, apply a little bit of frosting on the back of the chocolate nuggets and place on top of each muffin.
 Once the frosting has set for these begin applying the eyes, noses and ears with the appropriate colored frosting.
And there you have it! How c"ewe"t!!!
I initially came across this idea from Pinterest (of course) but here is the full link of instructions and you can adapt as needed: lamb cupcakes

 Oh, for the baby lambs I made some mini muffins with the left over batter and used chocolate frosting for the lamb head/faces! Spread some shredded lettuce on the table or plate to act as grass that the sheep are resting in! Could these be any more adorable?!?

  The dessert table! Yum!
Happy mommy-to-be!!! She loved everything!!!
Ah the sweet smell of confectioner's sugar success!!!

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