Nature's Heart

Nature's Heart

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Gift of Interruptions

It is one of those mornings…

A morning when you are up even before the sun. I live in a smaller city where the roads are quieter this time of year during the off-season…when most folks are tucked away in a slumbered state, cold noses poking out from underneath heavy quilted layers.

I tried this myself, waking to a crash and a slight jolt as my husband accidentally dropped and clanked dishes…he tries so hard to be quiet in the mornings…to let me sleep. Have you ever wondered how stillness amplifies isolated noise? And then that quantum theory and question of, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to witness and hear it, does a tree still make noise?” pops into my head.

My agitation wasn’t directed towards him but rather my delirious confused state as I stumbled out into the hallway to make sure everything was alright, squinting in the obnoxiously bright kitchen light and trying to gather my wits about me as my consciousness moved out of the REM fog.

I walked back to bed, slid under slightly cooled covers and tried to find that cozy position and pocketed warmth…Nope…. Not even a minute later I found myself, wandering back out to the dining room table where I had set my notebook…internally grumbling to myself about why I didn’t have the usual notebook by my bedside…for moments like these.

Moments when I need to write down a thought, when words flow through my brain more gracefully and fluidly. Writing down to dos and things to remember frees up that white noise chatter and gives me peace of mind…needless to say, this wasn’t the case this morning
at 4:50 AM.

So there my husband found me deliriously flipping through my notebook, trying to find a page that coincided with my notebook…my security of recording a “brilliant thought” so that I can come back to it as I wish, or as life allows…after sleep.

I stumbled back to bed, my heart resting a bit more at ease… yes, that thought has been saved, I can now go to bed. My husband apologizing for having woken me…and my turning around assuring him in my squeaky not yet woken voice that all was well. It was nice to walk back to bed knowing that I completely meant that. But alas, sleep is not high on the agenda for me today…something is prompting me earlier than usual to embrace this morning. To settle into the stillness and quiet. Those early morning hours seem to hold with it an enchanting sacred space about it. Perhaps because the demands of the world are still sleeping, still at bay. You are still in this pocket of freedom to enjoy that quiet and that calm. It is the preparation that you need in order to face your day. 

It is a gift

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