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Nature's Heart

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Less than a week into the New Year and with it I have been seeing and hearing so much excitement about the idea of "it's time for a brand new year and a brand new you". 

I love this idea but it seems SO drastic...Here's the thing, I don't want to be a whole new me...I have worked very hard all of my life to figure out who I am...what I am made of...and how FAR I have come! It has taken me 30+ years and I am just beginning to tap into the foundation and heart of what makes me who I am...That in and of itself is an accomplishment and something that should be celebrated.

Yes I want to improve and make changes that I think will better me (be they physical, emotional, spiritual) but so often with goals I think that people get overwhelmed when they look forward at how far they have to go. The beginning of a journey means that you are at the starting line...while we are beginning new journeys and goals, in those moments when we feel scarred, overwhelmed or discouraged it's okay to look back and celebrate just how far you have come! We need to take the time to celebrate the fact that we have and are continuing to move forward.

I can understand why so much emphasis is put on physical is easy to see physical  results when your body loses weight or your skin clears up from diet and exercise, but what about setting goals where the milestones are harder to measure and thus harder to celebrate? The intangible goals like, self-confidence, one's character or compassion?

Goals can lead to incredible things and are important and it is equally important to examine your true motives behind making a goal...I have to admit that I have totally made goals for the sake of making made me feel significant, important...So, the question that I have to ask myself (and you) is this: is the goal that you are making actually beneficial or is it a more of "busy" goal? A second and very important question to ask is the WHY behind a goal...I have taken on goals that when I look back on it while in the short term, they allowed me to accomplish and check off a box making me feel like I am living a life full of significance, in the long term, it actually distracted me from accomplishing a deep seeded desire and "bigger" more complicated goal...One(s) that might subconsciously have been put off for reasons of fear, discouragement or past derailments?

Lara Casey brought up a few questions for her #2016GOALSETTING to further examine your goals... or GOAL CHECK as she put it. Her few questions confirmed the convictions that have been building in my heart and on my mind:

Will this goal help me to cultivate what matters most?
- Where do I want to be when I’m 80 years old, and will this goal help me get there? 
- Does this goal also help other people?
- WHY do I want to make this goal happen? Am I desiring this goal for the right reasons, or am I striving for “perfect”—or whatever I’ve been chasing?

The other thought and desire that comes to mind for me this year is that I want to make goals that are bigger than myself! Isn't it amazing how when we include others into our plans or the bigger equation it increases one's drive and accountability to continue on, to meet them for that coffee, phone or exercise date? I have found that it can be that extra little push to stay on track, whether that is by having an accountability buddy or adopting a cause or organization that will also benefit and helps you feel that you are apart of something greater. Something more meaningful and important...and here's the thing...

You ARE!

In a land that is so "me Me ME!" focused, we need to surround and connect ourselves to a bigger community.

If you ever need a helping hand,
You will find one at the end of each of your arms.
As you grow older,
You will discover that you have two hands,
One for helping yourself,
And the other for helping others.
~ Audrey Hepburn

I can't begin to count the number of goals and New Year resolutions that I have set for myself...that were strictly for myself alone.
This year I will become apart of something bigger, I will find more goals that involve a heart that is people oriented... a little less of me and a bit more you. 

I have to say that I am excited to see where this leads.

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