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Nature's Heart

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A New Beginning

Every year I like to pick a descriptive word that will motivate or be projected over my year. A new year, a new start, new opportunities, new possibilities and growth opportunities. word for last year (2014) was ADVENTURE and it certainly lived up to my expectations.

So, what word did I choose for 2015?


Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines as followed:


 noun \bi-ˈgi-niŋ, bē-\
: the point or time at which something begins : a starting point
: the first part of something
beginnings : an early stage or period

Full Definition of BEGINNING

:  the point at which something begins :  start
:  the first part
:  originsource
Thank you Webster!!!!

2015, a New Year and a year of beginnings. A year of moving, becoming a wife, more adventures and challenges, moving forward and who knows what else. The possibilities so far have been endless and thank goodness!

My biggest project for 2015 besides getting married and likely moving again, has been to do 356 days of drawings...these can be in-depth or as simple as a mindless doodle, but I have been putting something to paper and documenting it. I haven't decided if I will post weekly or bi-weekly or monthly... we will see how it goes. I love this idea so much. I love that it is a commitment and a bit daunting. I also know that I am capable of it and I am very intrigued to see the results or to see how long they last.

What are some of the biggest beginnings that you plan or have set in motion for 2015?

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