Nature's Heart

Nature's Heart

Friday, May 30, 2014

Follow your heart

Change: Nope, I'm not talking about the pocket kind...I have made some decisions recently that have surprised me. There are life changing decisions being made from this gal who is know for her preference and major planning skills and who's idea of gambling big would be to spend a maximum of $20 at the penny slots.

Ben has been in my life for over a year and a half now (how time flies when you are having fun!)...and it has all been long distance. While there have been hardships with the miles physically separating us, the blessing that have come from this distance have far outweighed any of the hardships. We have had to be inventive in our approach to stay connected and have been rather forced to develop certain communication skills faster than non-distance relationships might.
Anyway, we have been discussing the idea of living closer to each other...the funny thing about this whole moving topic is that Ben still has one more year to serve in the Military. This means that he doesn't have the "luxury" of relocating and thus makes our options pretty simple...if we were going to try to close this distance gap, I would be the one that would have to relocate.
So, you probably have guessed it...
 Ben and I took this lovely walk on his last visit. It was breathtaking when we turned the corner and were greeted with this stunning scene as we begin our stroll. Oh you beautiful Northwest how I will miss you!
I have put in my notice with all of my places of employment, have been working on finishing some improvements to my house, figuring out how to rent my home and starting the reviewing process of rental applications, all while trying to make time to visit with friends and family, fitting in last minute health appointments while I still have insurance with my job, donating car loads of random items I don't want to schlep across the country and let's not forget the ever thrilling process of collecting moving boxes (and the list goes on).
Over this last visit Ben was gracious enough to help me with a big project of repairing part of my back patio...a project that would end up being much bigger than we anticipated.
 How many building supplies and 6ft 7(ish) Bens can I fit in my car???

One lesson that I have learned through the home renovating or maintaining process is NEVER underestimate a project and its ability to grow...
What I thought would be a few boards to replace from dry rot turned out to be almost the whole deck and structural support beams. YIKES!!!

Good thing I had this handy guy volunteer his carpenter skills!

Didn't he do a nice job!?! And my painting skills weren't too shabby either if I do say so myself!

Doesn't that floor look shiny and new!! Yay for being able to walk safely on it!
I also finally cleaned the last section of siding at the back of my house! Looks SOOO much better and was a killer arm work out! Who needs a gym when you have a house!
Well as you can see this ball is rolling! I have less than 30 days before I am on the road saying goodbye to Washington and saying hello to an amazing adventure filled with unknowns...I'm so excited to begin this new season in my life, to take risks and take myself out of my comfort zone, to experience and embrace all of the love, joy that I can because in the long run that's what life is for right?


  1. So excited for you, but going to miss you so much! Greater things ahead xoxo